Fire Code Questions

How to get your answer.

In order for Fire Marshal’s Department staff to perform accurate research, and therefore provide the most accurate answers, all questions must be accompanied by a business name and address. If the question is general in nature, and not attached to a business or address, please state that specifically.

For the mutual protection of the City of Deer Park Marshal’s Office, and the person asking the question, this is the only method by which questions will be addressed. Staff will make every effort to respond to all questions within 1 business day. Email us your request.

Pre-Developement Meetings

  • The purpose of Pre-Development Meetings is to create a “one-stop shop,” a means of meeting with all departments involved in the development process at the same meeting. These meetings are scheduled to introduce the developers to local development regulations and the officials responsible for all aspects of development. These meetings provide an opportunity for the developer to discuss his or her proposal with City Officials and get their input. These are strongly encouraged for each new development as each official responsible directly for the review of the project is in attendance.
  • Pre-Development Meetings are typically scheduled on every Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. The meeting is held in the conference room at Deer Park City Hall. During the meeting, Staff explains the various City Ordinances pertinent to that project, permitting and development processes, and rules and regulations adopted by the City. In addition, all relevant information is given to the applicant at the end of the meeting.
  • The Meeting is attended by representatives of the following City departments: Building Official, Fire Marshal, City Engineer Office, Building Permits Department.

Permit Applications

Building Construction Permits can be obtained by visiting the City of Deer Park Public Works Building Department website.