Come learn and see how you can protect yourself. 


This class is taught by Sijo James Smith.  It is based on the premise of kickboxing.  Students will learn how to properly punch and kick.  This high energy work out is full of repetitive punching and kicking combinations will teach you to be aware of your own actions and others. 


During class you will be introduce to self-defense techniques base on situations you may encounter. The techniques will be demonstrated for you to personally adapt to the movements. Eventually, your muscle memory will allow you to execute the moves. 


Come out and join us!!!   

Self-Defense Class

Contract Program Refunds

To better serve our community, Deer Park Parks and Recreation Department (DPPARD) contracts out several programs. Due to advanced planning with the contracted instructors, it is at the discretion of the instructor to decide to issue a refund for said program. Only with the approval from the instructor will the DPPARD issue the refund. In the event the Department cancels any program, a full refund will be promptly issued.