Local Emergency Planning Committee


  • 11 a.m.
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month (except July and December)
  • Council Chambers at City Hall
    710 E San Augustine
    Deer Park, TX 77536

About the Committee

The Deer Park Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) Team began in 1986 as a joint effort between local industry and the City as part of the Community Right To Know Act. In 1987, Title III required each governor to appoint state emergency response commissions who were then responsible for dividing the state into local emergency planning districts. The districts were then divided into Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs). Deer Park's CAER Team became the Deer Park LEPC.

The Deer Park LEPC is one of the leading LEPC's in the Country. Deer Park's LEPC Team has established bylaws and has a membership of some 60-plus individuals from local government, industry, the medical community, school district, and local citizenry. The Deer Park LEPC maintains an annual budget of some $100,000 which is funded through contributions by local industry.

Working Committees

The Deer Park LEPC has working committees who continually seek and provide information to the citizens and industry of Deer Park.

The Communication Committee provides the latest technology and methods available for communicating emergency situations through the 911 System, an outside alarm notification system, an AM Radio. The Community Awareness Committee continues to create an interest through education providing knowledge of "what and how to's" from sheltering-in-place programs to evacuation processes without creating apathetic attitudes. The Emergency Response / Transportation Committee utilizes available resources from the city and industry to provide alerting information to the community, and develops information relevant to emergencies and emergency action necessary to any truck, rail or pipeline incident. The Executive Committee oversees a working budgeting program for projects and operational monies annually.


The Deer Park LEPC sponsors an annual calendar to all citizens with information pertaining to sheltering-in-place and annual events. Also, one of our most popular campaigns is the Wally Wise Guy Program. Wally is our mascot used in our sheltering-in-place program.

More Information

The members of the Deer Park LEPC are committed to providing the best possible information to the citizens of Deer Park which we hope will ensure the safest environment possible to live, work and raise their families.

For information on LEPC meetings, visit the Deer Park LEPC website.